About The Chelsea Practice

The practice is a friendly, community focused NHS GP practice. Our team aim to treat all our patients promptly, courteously and in complete confidence.

Practice Leaflet 2023

Primary Care Networks

GP practices across West London CCG have formed local ‘Primary Care Networks, (PCN) to improve the services we provide to patients.

PCNs support groups of practices to come together locally, in partnership with community services, social care, and other providers of health and care services.

This practice is part of Brompton Health PCN. Brompton Health PCN is a group of 11 practices located across Kensington and Chelsea. We have come together because we share a common aim to improve the service we provide to our patients, and a wish to work more closely together to achieve this aim.

The following practices form Brompton Health PCN:

SCARSDALE MEDICAL CENTRE                                                                                                   KENSINGTON MEDICAL CENTRE
THE GOOD PRACTICE                                                                                                                KNIGHTSBRIDGE MEDICAL CENTRE                                                                                                       EARLS COURT SURGERY

Our clinical director is Dr Fiona Butler, from The Redcliffe Surgery, and our management lead is Karen Rydings, from Stanhope Mews West Surgery. We will update you regarding any other lead roles that may by appointed to in order to support network development.

Brompton Health PCN will offer care on a scale which is small enough for patients to get the continuous and personalised care they value, but large enough – in their partnership with others in the local health and care system – to be resilient.

Initially, the formation of Brompton Health PCN will have little impact on you. Clinical and management staff from each of the eight practices will meet regularly to learn from best practice, and discuss ways of collectively improving the service we offer you.

In time, you will start to benefit from changes that have been implemented as part of this process. You are already able to book out of hours appointments at many of our member practices in order to offer you an appointment at a time that may suit you better. You may also be offered additional services (such as ECGs or INR testing) at another practice from within the PCN. Some practices may lead on specific clinical areas in order to offer a higher standard of care across the whole network.

Please visit the Brompton Health PCN website to read more about what we are doing for our local patients: