New Shingles Vaccine from September 2023

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From September 2023 we will be able to offer the Shingles Vaccine to more patients.

Please follow this link to read about Shingles –

Although Shingles can occur at any age, the risk and severity of Shingles and its complications increases with age and is high in individuals who are severely immunosuppressed. It is important to ensure that those at greatest risk are vaccinated at an earlier age and from September the practice will be able to offer the Shingles Vaccine to more at risk patients.

Immunocompromised individuals represent the highest priority for vaccination given their risk of severe disease, and therefore this programme aims to offer all immunocompromised patients aged 50 years and up to 79 a vaccine from September. The practice will be contacting each patient that is immunocompromised and over 50 but if you believe you fall into this category and have not heard from us by October please call the reception team on 0207 349 7330 to request a vaccine.

We will be offering patients that will be turning 65 years old on or after 1st September 2023 the Shingles vaccine. Over the next few years we will also be offering the vaccine to those falling between 66-69 years of age once we have been notified by NHS England.

The vaccine we will be offering is also changing and is called Shingrix which is a non live vaccine and requires 2 doses 2 months a part. 

Please read this patient leaflet for further details regarding the vaccination: Shingrix patient leaflet